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Find your Deep Joy and Amaze your World


It's time to re-energize your passion, strengthen your skills, create new empowering beliefs, and ignite your DEEP JOY. THEN, and only then, will you be ready to re-write your story and create the amazing results at home and/or work … ready to give your BEST self to the world... your unique and inner Superpower…. the future you’re already dreaming of!

What dreams might you reach once you work from a place of Deep Joy? 

  • Launch your new charity.
  • Create your next startup. 
  • Build your next product line.
  • Double your sales. 
  • Land the promotion into the C-suite.
  • Move abroad and broaden your options.
  • Double the love in your marriage. 
  • Create an active and purpose-driven retirement.
  • Start a new life afresh post-divorce in your dream location.

Whatever your dream, you need fresh energy, creativity, resilience, and hopefulness to get there.  Are you ready to break through the cocoon and fly far and free?

I'm like you... I needed Deep Joy to allow ME to reclaim my life!  Now I'm here to help you do the same.   Read more about me....

Take your power back so you can share it with the world. 

Start with a FREE Strategy Call to choose your path.

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'Amp up' your Deep Joy in life and leadership in this Free Resources section.  

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FREE: 1-on-1 Deep Joy Coaching (Info & Prep Work)

Are you feeling a loss of your passion and JOY in life? Lost your mojo? Missed out on a recent promotion?  Just NOT performing at your BEST?  Lost on the way to reaching your dreams?  Can't figure out how to get to JOY or how to stay in that 'zone'?  I'll be your guide on the journey back.

The Quest for Deep Joy - A 12-week GUIDED Journey

My Signature Program

A 12-week Quest for Deep Joy... a series of weekly conversations, one-on-one, once a week, in high-touch coaching based on a workbook that contains the weekly content that drives our conversation and your deep thinking. 

Novice Trek to Deep Joy - A 7-Day SELF-STUDY Course

Tiny-Taster Program (7 Days)

Need just a quick boost?  A way to 'get out of the starting gate'?  A way to just dip your toe into the water?  Not sure you are ready YET to commit to 12 weeks of the full Quest for Deep Joy, with or without a coach?  Then this quick 7 day program is for you. 

The Quest for Deep Joy - A 12-week SELF-STUDY GUIDE

Taster Program (12 weeks Self Study)

If you want to embark on the Quest for Deep Joy on your own, this is the guide for you.  This guide provides the same modules as in the 12-week GUIDED journey that includes coaching, but the coaching hours have been removed.  Coaching hours can still be add-on, and in any number of sessions which you feel you need. 

Life Trekking with Deep Joy - 3 months 12 sessions

This program is for people who've taken the Quest for Deep Joy and want more.  It is intended to run 3 months, meeting every week, for a total of 12 sessions.  Once you've been through the Quest, you may have even bigger goals to meet, bigger challenges in front of you.  Let's work on those together!

FREE: Immersion in Deep Joy Summer Retreat 2021 - INTERESTED!!!

Choose this product to sign up for ongoing updates (free) about the Immersion into Deep Joy Summer Retreat 2021.  

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